Pharmacological Stress Test by Dr. Robert Pham

You went to your doctor for chest pains; you have been experiencing this for quite a time now. Aside from the chest pains, you also have shortness of breath. There was no heart ailment in your family that you know of and you watch what you place inside your mouth. (Well, you do exercise once in a while.) Then the doctor says you have to undergo pharmacological stress test.

By the sound of it, many scary things come in mind. What will the process involve? Is it a major clinical operation of some sorts? As a person who gets easily lost in medical jargon, I felt scared of it. My physician, Dr. Robert Pham of Florida, an expert on pharmacological stress test explained to me how the process will go.

What is a pharmacological stress test?

This is a kind of test to check the heart’s condition. There are medicines used that will increase the heart rate and the pumping of the heart muscles. This will then result to increased blood flow. There are also medicines used for the arteries to widen in order for more blood to flow.

Why must I undergo pharmacological stress test?

Since we do not know the reason for my chest pains and shortness of breath, I need to undergo such procedure. Other people who need this are those with heart disease and with abnormal heartbeat. It is also used to check if one is prone for heart attacks or if the heart is ready for an operation or treatment of other ailment.

Must I go to the hospital for this?

This process can be done in a physician’s office or a clinic but if you feel safer in a hospital, the procedure can also be done there.

What must I go through to undergo such test?

According to Dr. Robert Pham of Florida, I have to undergo a series of ECG while the drugs or medicines that cause the heart actions will be piped into my body through an IV tube. While having my heart rate monitored, I may do some slight treadmill exercise.

The procedure sounded so easy, but I was still hesitant. I further queried if there is a possible condition where pharmacological stress test should not be administered. These were the reasons Dr. Pham gave me:

● It’s risky for asthmatics have the procedure (which i am not).
● If there is a high or low blood pressure reading
● If the heartbeat it’s 40 beats per minute or less

What are the things I must not do before the procedure?

Coffee and other caffeinated food and drinks must not be taken 12 hours before the procedure. If you are on medication, check for dipyridamole is an active ingredient. If it is, check with your physician.

Are there complications or side-effects of this procedure?

Lightheadedness, dizziness or weaknesses are commonly felt by some who went through the procedure. Throbbing, some chest pains or heart attack may occur.

Admittedly I got scared of the ‘heart attack’ side effect. But I got to research about pharmacological stress test and did not chicken about it. I was in good hands with Dr. Robert Pham.

The procedure went perfectly fine, if not, I won’t be clicking on my keyboards now.

If you want to know more on Dr. Robert Pham please visit this site

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